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Edgar Allan Poe
Complete Book of Wood
The Butcher's Apprentice
The Creative Coloring Book
Superman: The War Years 1938-1945
Tao Te Ching
The Vintner's Apprentice
Coloring Book for Grown Ups
Car Emblems The Ultimate Guide to Automotive Logos Worldwide
Complete Painting Course
How Things Work
Gettysburg The Battle for Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood
The Clans & Tartans of Scotland
Batman: The War Years 1939-1945
Muscle Cars An Illustrated Guide
The Complete Drawing Course
What Flag?
Illustrated Directory of North American Locomotives
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
The Pastry Chef's Apprentice
This Old Corvette
Ansel Adams Knowing Where to Stand
Common Sense
Edgar Allan Poe
Complete Book of Wood
The Butcher's Apprentice
The Creative Coloring Book
Superman: The War Years 1938-1945
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Book Sales has been in the business of publishing and supplying books to wholesalers, mail order companies, and retail stores for almost 60 years. Our imprints include Chartwell Books, Castle Books, Crestline Books, Poplar Books - all publishing high quality illustrated books and reprints

In addition to the books we publish, we are one of the largest purchasers of other publishers' overstock (remainder) titles for resale at significantly reduced prices.

Categories include cooking, history, militaria, civil war, self-sufficiency, craft, home, puzzles and games, music and music instruction, art instruction, pets, transportation, and much, much, more!

Please note that if you enter the Published Titles or the Remainder sections of the site to order or search the information you will find there is exclusive to that type of product. Search and orders cannot be mixed between Published Titles and Remainder Products.
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All published titles are hardcover unless stated otherwise. All listed titles are displayed by category as well (to the left of this page). If a title is part of a series, a series name will appear in the listing when the "more info" button is clicked.

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All remainders are mint copies purchased directly from the original publisher (unless otherwise stated). All customer questions concerning total available quantity of any given title should be directed to the main sales office in New York City.

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